Reefs Generate Environmental and Economic Resiliency for Atoll Ecosystems

Background: The Project Regenerate is a six-year project, funded by USAID, aimed at strengthening the sustainable management of coastal resources, particularly coral reefs, thereby strengthening economic, social, and environmental resilience to the adverse effects of climate change in Maldives. IUCN is the implementing partner, selected by the USAID and supported by the Government of Maldives (GoM) to deliver on their vision for reaching this aim.

Project Objectives:

  1. Enhance and expand on spatially explicit national information system for information sharing, decision-support and planning.
  2. Enhance understanding of coral reef fisheries for resilience-based management.
  3. Enhance civil society engagement in natural resource management.
  4. Strengthen public-private partnerships to enhance decentralized marine governance.
  5. Enhance generation of knowledge and science associated with marine resources of the Maldives.