• Ceremony held to handover Waste Management equipments to 25% of inhabited islands of Maldives

    26 August 2014 : 16:30

    A ceremony to handover waste management equipments to 25% of inhabited islands of Maldives , was held this afternoon in Ministry of Environment and Energy. In this ceremony Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim, Minister of State Abdul Matheen Mohamed, Minister of state Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Deputy Minister Ali Amir, Deputy Minister Abdulla Hameed, heads of the Ministry and council members of the islands have participated. Minister of State Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim signed the contract on behalf of the ...readmore

  • Minister Thoriq Ibrahim held meeting with World Bank mission

    25 August 2014 : 13:18

    Minister Thoriq Ibrahim held meeting with World Bank mission.  The objectives of this include undertaking preparation of the Climate Resilience and Environment Sustainability (CRES) Project under the second phase of the Maldives Climate Change Trust Fund (CCTF) and to undertake the fifth implementation support mission for the Wetlands Conservation and Corel Reef Monitoring for Adaptation to Climate Change (WCCM) Project under the first phase of the Maldives CCTF. The mission had meetings with officials in the Ministry of Finance and Treasury ...readmore

  • Awareness Workshop on Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation in GDH. Thinadoo

    25 August 2014 : 9:15

    A four day awareness workshop has been organized by Ministry of Environment and Energy and Maldives Energy Authority from 23rd -26th August 2014 as part of government’s initiative to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. The workshop is being conducted by the national and international energy experts. The first session was targeted to the general public. During this session information on energy efficiency and energy conservation was provided. In addition, leaflets containing energy conservation tips and information on energy efficient products ...readmore

Quick Updates

26 August 2014 : 11:43

Waste Management equipment handover ceremony will be held today at the Ministry at 13:00.

13 August 2014 : 12:55

A press conference to give an update on finding a home for Slow loris will be held today ަat the Ministry at 14:00.


Past Events

“It’s heartening to note the affirmation of our plight by the Asian Development Bank” –Minister Thoriq Ibrahim

20 August 2014 : 14:24

Reacting to the new Asian Development Bank (ADB) climate and economics report for South Asia Hon. Thoriq Ibrahim, the Maldives Minister of Environment and Energy said that it is heartening to note the affirmation of our plight by ADB, which, we have been passionately advocating for last 27 years. He stated with satisfaction that at the same time, the Maldives ...readmore

Weather Together

19 August 2014 : 15:26


The “Small Islands, Weather Together” partnership is designed to show how the small island nations of the world are working together to improve their vital weather and climate services. This initiative has been developed by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) ...readmore

A permanent home found for the Slow Loris which was confiscated in January 2014

13 August 2014 : 16:03

A permanent home found for the Slow Loris which was confiscated in January 2014 during a drug raid. A press conference was held today at the Ministry of Environment and Energy to give an update ...readmore



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  • Pemphis – Issue No: 43 – Sep 2013


  • Environment and Social Management Framework for the Proposed Solar Photovoltaic Projects

  • Maldives Energy Outlook for Inhabited Islands 2013

  • Maldives Scaling Up Renewable Energy Programme in Low Income Countries (SREP) Investment Plan 2013-2017


Opening session of 2nd Monsoon Forum – 10 Apr 2014


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