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Coastal protection works of Raa atoll Maduvvari island inaugurated today

07 August 2014 : 20:31

At a ceremony held today at Raa atoll Maduvvari, Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr.Thoriq Ibrahim initiated the coastal protection work of Raa atoll  Maduvvari. In addition to the Minister of Environment, Deputy Minister Mr. Ali Amir, Council President of Maduvvari, Council Members and Managing Director and senior officials of Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) and Parliament Member Mr. Mohamed Ameeth took part in the ceremony.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony the Council President noted the difficulties faced by the locals of Maduvvari due to the erosion of the island specially the people living within close proximity to area of erosion. He also noted other environmental issues faced by the island such as the issue of waste and the scarcity of fresh water. He also said that projects such as the coastal protection of Maduvvari brings hope to the people of Maduvvari about the measures taken by the government in order to solve various issues at Maduvvari. In his speech Parliament Member of this constituency Mr. Mohamed Ameeth gave assurance that every support will given by the people of the island for the successful implementation of this project.

In his speech the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim noted the severity of the issue of coastal erosion in the Maldives spreading over 90% of the islands in the Maldives. He also expressed his hopes that this project will be successfully implemented in Maduvvari and the impacts of erosion in Maduvvari can be reduced as a result of this project.

Under this project a total length of 890 meters of coastal area will be protected in R.Maduvvari. This project is contracted to MTCC for RF 33 Million from Government budget. The governing is taking measures of coastal protection in several islands throughout Maldives with the government budget and donor agencies.