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Consensus reached with Tatva Global Renewable Energy (Maldives) Pvt Ltd for management of solid waste generated in Male’ City

27 November 2012 : 17:33

The Public Private Partnership agreement with Tatva Global Renewable Energy (Maldives) Pvt. Ltd for solid waste management generated in Male’ city is expected to commence soon.
Despite the initial agreement between Tatva and Male’ City Council being signed on 10 May 2011, the agreement has to date not become effective due to reservations from the Government of Maldives on fulfilling the Conditions of Precedence stipulated in the original agreement. This includes the issuance of a sovereign guarantee from the government of Maldives, providing land from Thilafushi free of charge, and issues relating to tipping fee for daily guaranteed tonnage, amongst many other issues.
As it is in the interest of both the Government of Maldives and Tatva to continue with the agreement, after several meetings between the concerned parties, a consensus has now been reached in how to move forward with the issue. All parties involved are now optimistic that implementation of the project will commence a near future.