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Meemu atoll Mulah island water supply and sewerage facilities inaugurated

16 March 2014 : 18:34

The water supply and sewerage system to be established in M. Mulah has been inaugurated by the Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Umar Naseer, Minister of Finance and Treasury Mr. Abdulla Jihad, Minister of State for Environment and Energy Mr. Hassan Shah and Parliament Member Mr. Moosa Zameer. The inauguration was held this afternoon at Meemu Mulah. The Project is being Implemented by Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC), under a design and build contract signed on 15 August 2013 and 10 March 2014 for establishment of Water Supply and Sewerage facilities respectively.
The project includes laying down sewerage pipes, establishing Sewage pump stations, establishing sea outfall system, Establishment of Reverse Osmosis Plant, RO storage tanks, Rainwater Storage Tanks & water network including household connections. The proposed cost for the two projects by MWSC is MVR 83,906,249.41 (Eighty Three Million Nine Hundred and Six Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Nine Rufiyaa and Forty One Laari) and is scheduled to be completed in December 2014 for Water Project and September 2015 for Sewerage Project. This project would provide safe water and proper sanitation facilities for the people of Meemu atoll Mulah.
Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Umar Naseer said Provision of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities is an important goal of the government and a lot of projects are being planned to achieve this goal. Concluding his remarks, the Minister also thanked the Councils and citizens of Meemu atoll for their cooperation and support.