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Meeting Held With R.Vandhoo Waste Management Stakeholders

03 January 2013 : 18:51

A meeting was held today by the Ministry of Environment and Energy with stakeholders of the Regional Waste Management Facility to be established in R.Vandhoo this year to serve N, R, B and Lh atolls.

During this meeting a model of the facility was presented to the stakeholders, with a briefing on how waste management activities on the island will be carried out through methods that are as safe for the environment as possible. The main feature of the facility is that combustible waste collected from all the inhabited islands and resorts of the region will be incinerated into ash in a 40-ton per day incinerator. The ash that is produced will be deposited in a landfill specially designed to avoid leaching of any chemicals into the ground.

R.Vandhoo is an uninhabited island on the south-eastern rim of Raa atoll, and the government allocated 15 hectares of the eastern side of the island for use as the regional waste management facility in 2010.

The procurement process for the building of the facility as well for the transport vessels to be used to move waste collected on islands is underway. It is expected that the facility will be built by September and that the commissioning will take place in the last three months of 2013.