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Second Monsoon Forum begins

10 April 2014 : 15:49

The Second Monsoon Forum which is conducted in Maldives began this morning at Kulunuvehi in the capital city Male’. In the opening ceremony, Minister of Environment and Energy Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim, Minister of state for Environment and Energy Mr. Abdullahi Majeed, Permanent Secretary for Environment and Energy Mr. Ajwad Musthafa, Deputy Minister Mr. Abdulla Hameed, Deputy Minister Mr Ibrahim Nizam and heads of Maldives Meteorological Service (MMS) participated.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim said that this forum is very crucial since, while MMS provides forecasts and warning information, different sectorial institutions have to anticipate possible impacts and develop a set of potential responses or management strategies to minimize such impacts and he also highlighted about the importance of having a Climate Research Institute in Maldives.

The Monsoon Forum, geared at promoting the application of forecasts and warning information for enhanced management of risks, is an interface between the MMS and forecast stakeholders from various hazard-sensitive sectors in the country, with the end-in-view of enhanced understanding, by forecast user institutions, of forecast products including their limitations and uncertainties, and better appreciation by MMS of user information needs. This facilitates a cycle of constant refinement of forecast products to suit users’ requirements and development of more robust information sharing system, hence facilitating better application forecasts and warning information.

Introduced in Maldives in July 2012, the Monsoon Forum offers an opportunity for dialogue between hydro-meteorological scientists who generate climate information and a range of potential users such as tourism and travel entities, agricultural producers, traders, extension agents, disaster risk managers, government planners and development partners, among others. Built on the monsoon, a regular phenomenon in the country, the Monsoon Forum has taken a multi-hazard approach, integrating issues on forecasts and warning information and other concerns regarding geological hazards like earthquakes and tsunamis.

The 2nd Monsoon Forum in Maldives is organized by MMS with support from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) and the Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (RIMES) through the project “Reducing risks of tsunamis, storm surges, large waves, and other natural hazards in low elevation coastal zones”.