About Ministry

17 Aug 2016


Cleaner, Greener and Safer Maldives.

Mandate of the Ministry of Environment

The President of Maldives, through the powers vested by the Constitution, decreed the Ministry of Environment to protect the national unique environment, making it the core of the country’s development.

The Ministry and its agencies – the Environmental Protection Agency, the Maldives Energy Authority, the Maldives Meteorological Service, and the Biosphere Reserve Office – support the government to formulate an integrated policy for sustainable energy and environmental affairs.

The Ministry is specifically tasked to:

  • Formulate policies, procedures, and standards to implement laws and regulations related to the Ministry’s portfolio – environment, climate change, energy, water and sanitation, and meteorology;
  • Develop strategic action plans, programs, and monitoring guidelines to implement relevant projects involving national and international organizations as well as enhancing the role of the private sector;
  • Advocate for and manage other activities related to the mitigation of the effects of climate change onto the Maldives and other small island developing states, at regional and international level;
  • Introduce, plan, and manage renewable energy mechanisms as well as formulate regulations and standards about water security through sustainable water systems, storage facilities, and desalination plants;
  • Facilitate water and sanitation procedures; design and manage environmentally-friendly sewerage systems in inhabited islands;
  • Implement the Law 77/78 on unearthing and mining stone, rock, coral, and sand from inhabited islands;
  • Draft laws and regulations to ensure appropriate solid waste management mechanisms, establish comprehensive facilities to dispose solid waste in throughout the Maldives, and provide assistance to the local councils in establishing a viable solid waste management system at island level;
  • Develop and implement strategic plans to preserve the Maldives’ unique biodiversity, and declare protected areas.