Hakathari Program – Energy efficiency standards and labeling program of the Maldives

05 Sep 2021

The Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology (MECCT) is introducing “Hakathari” – an energy efficiency labeling program for appliances and equipment. The purpose of this program is to promote the use of energy-efficient appliances and equipment.

The Hakathari program provides the consumers with a simple and clear indication of the energy-saving potential of electrical appliances, at the point of purchase. This is achieved via the Hakathari label affixed on the appliances that showcase a five-star rating system. A greater number of stars on the label indicate a higher level of energy efficiency and energy savings.

The purpose of the program is;

  • To encourage the purchase of energy-efficient appliances.
  • To help consumers make informed choices and save money on their household electricity bills.
  • To encourage importers and manufacturers to promote energy efficient technologies and products in the Maldivian market, bringing about a market transformation.
  • To reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and progress towards a sustainable future.

This program is developed under the Strengthening Low Carbon Energy Island Strategies Project.






Program document

The program document details out all the terms and conditions. This includes program requirements, process for program participation, monitoring and verification and other aspects of the program.

Appliances covered

Step 1: Participating in the Program

Step 2: Model registration.

  • To register your preferred appliance model, you will need to fill and submit 3 documents.

Document 1

Submit Form 2- Product Registration to register different models of a particular appliance. You can register up to 4 models per form.

Download Form 2- Air Conditioner Product Registration

Download Form 2- Refrigerator Product Registration

Download Form 2- Washing Machine Product Registration

Document 2

Submit Form 3- Test Report for each model listed out in Form 2 along with copy of original test reports from accredited test laboratory.

Download Form 3- Test Report Format AC

Download Form 3- Test Report Format Refrigerator

Download Form 3- Test Report Format Washing machine

List of possible Accredited Laboratory’s information can be downloaded here. Please note that the test results will be accepted from any laboratory accredited by a recognized accrediting authority which are MRA signatories such as ILAC/APLAC as stated in the program document.

Document 3

Submit a Cover Letter for each submission. You can submit one cover letter for any number of models that you wish to register in a single submission.

Download Cover letter template

  • Email complete document set to hakathari@environment.gov.mv or submit to ministry reception.
  • A one-time Model Registration fee of MVR 500 has to be paid for each model upon receiving approval. The same shall be submitted by the registered applicant for renewal of each model if there is a change in specifications or energy efficiency grade.
  • The ministry will issue a Label Approval Certificate to the applicant once payment is confirmed


Step 3: Import of labelled appliances

  • The label should be affixed on the appliances and on the packaging of the appliances before being imported into the country.
  • When requesting customs clearance, Label Approval Certificate should be submitted to Maldives Customs Service.
  • The standard Customs protocol will be followed thereafter.