Training workshop on CITES held of staff of Customs and Aviation Security Command

18 Aug 2016

A Training Workshop on “Convention on International Trade of Endangered species of wild flora and fauna” (CITES), target for the staffs of Maldives Customs Services and Aviation Security Command was held today at Customs Building Meeru Bahuru Hall. The purpose of this Training Workshop is to share information about CITES with the staffs of Customs and Aviation Security Command and to brief them about the responsibilities of them in implementing this Convention. This Training Workshop covers Introduction to CITES, responsibilities of Management Authority and Scientific Authority, Responsibilities of enforcement Agencies and information on Species protected under CITES.

CITES was established in 1 July 1975 and has the capacity of 180 countries. Maldives became an official party to CITES on 12th of March 2013.

Senior Policy Executive of the Ministry, Mr. Abdulla Naseer participated in the closing ceremony of this workshop. In the closing ceremony, certificates of participation were handed over to all the staffs who completed the training A total of 47 staff of Maldives Customs Service and Aviation Security Command has participated in this workshop.