Multi-hazard Risk Atlas of Maldives

15 Sep 2020

Ministry has established a multi-hazard risk Atlas of Maldives. Speaking at the launching ceremony held virtually today, Minister of Environment mentioned that establishing a comprehensive multi-hazard risk Atlas is an important milestone in informed decision making. This Atlas will help for better planning and screening of the future projects for different hazard levels.

This Atlas provides spatial information about Maldives and thematic maps necessary for assessing future development investments in terms of climate risks and geophysical hazards. It is also intended to support the formulation of co-beneficial options for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction and management. The five-volume atlas is a major output of the project “Establishing a National Geospatial Database for Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Development Activities and Policies in Maldives” under the Asian Development Bank’s regional knowledge and support (capacity development) technical assistance Action on Climate Change in South Asia (2013–2018).


  • Volume I: Geography
  • Volume II: Climate and Geophysical Hazards
  • Volume III: Economy and Demographics
  • Volume IV: Biodiversity
  • Volume V: Summary