The Maldives bans production and sales of single-use plastics effective from 1st June 2022

23 May 2022

The first phase of the production and sales ban of single-use plastic items will be effective from June 1, 2022, under the Environment Protection and Preservation Act (Act No. 4/93). The ban takes effect as part of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology’s strategic plan “Single-Use Plastic Phase-out Plan 2020-2023.” The phase-out plan is a national initiative to phase-out the production, import and sales of particular single use plastics in the Maldives and promote the use of sustainable alternatives, in order to safeguard public health, and the vulnerable marine environment of the country. Furthermore, the goal is to reduce single-use plastic usage and move customers away from single-use plastic while promoting sustainable alternatives through targeted awareness and educational initiatives.
08 single-use plastic items that are included in phase (l) of the production and sales ban:
1. Single-use plastic-based drinking straw
2. Single-use plastic-based plates, cutleries and stirrers
3. Styrofoam lunch box
4. Plastic shopping bags below 30×30 cm (including oxo-biodegradable and synthetic polymer based biodegradable plastic)
5. Imported sweet areca nuts in plastic wrapping
6. Single-use plastic drinking cups below 250ml
7. Cotton bud with plastic stems
8. Shampoo, soap, conditioner and lotion bottles in plastic packaging that are 50 ml and below
In addition, the production of water and beverages packed in plastic bottles will also be banned on 1 June, 2022. The sale of these items will come into effect on 1 September, 2022. The items are:
1. All production and usage of water packed in plastic bottles below 500 ml
2. All production and beverages packed in plastic bottles below 500 ml, except drinking water (carbonated and non-carbonated)
The first step in the phase-out plan commenced on 1 June, 2021 with the import ban of 08 single-use items under the Export-Import Act of Maldives (Act No. 31/79). Since the initial phase, Maldives has banned the import of total 09 items of single-use plastics by the end of 2021.
Phasing-out single-use plastic in Maldives by 2023 is a commitment of the Government of Maldives, as per the Maldives Parliamentary Resolution of 2019 (1-ރ /2019/EC) and His Excellency President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s declaration at the 74th session of the United Nation’s General Assembly (UNGA) in 2019.
Single-use plastic phase-out plan and the Presidential decree to ban the import, production and sales of single-use plastics will be available for download on