Stakeholder Engagement Workshop: Collaborating with NDC Partnership for Climate Action

14 Aug 2023

The Ministry, in partnership with the NDC Partnership, conducted a Stakeholder Engagement workshop on August 14, 2023, at the Champa Central Hotel as part of the Partnership’s country scoping mission.

The NDC Partnership is a global coalition of countries and institutions collaborating to drive transformational climate action through sustainable development. The Partnership advances the goals of the Paris Agreement by bringing together nearly 80 countries and 120 partners to accelerate the implementation of countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions. The Maldives became a member of the NDC Partnership in 2016.

The workshop was inaugurated by the Minister of State for Environment, Climate Change, and Technology, Ms. Khadeeja Naseem. In her opening remarks, she highlighted the Maldivian government’s commitment to addressing climate challenges and realizing sustainable development. The NDC Partnership’s Regional Manager for South Asia and Europe, Mr. Deo Gabinete, also participated in the event.

The workshop served as a platform to gather feedback from stakeholders. Participants engaged in dynamic discussions on challenges, responsibilities, and innovative avenues for collaboration with the NDC Partnership. The diverse representation included government ministries, state-owned enterprises, civil society groups, and private sector stakeholders.

Discussions were held on Maldives’ NDC objectives, existing partnerships, institutional arrangements, implementation plans, and ongoing programs. Stakeholders delved into the role of the NDC Partnership in supporting the nation’s NDC goals, identifying needs, addressing challenges, and recommending priority areas.

The workshop ended in discussions, Q&A sessions, and the identification of potential collaborative avenues with the NDC Partnership. Stakeholders expressed their ideas for enhancing climate resilience, sustainable practices, and NDC implementation in the Maldives.

The workshop also provided a networking opportunity, fostering connections among diverse stakeholders dedicated to driving climate action. The insights gained from this workshop will play a pivotal role in shaping future initiatives, policies, and collaborative efforts between the NDC Partnership and the Maldives.