Maldives releases its Second National Communication report on Climate Change

27 Oct 2016

Maldives releases its Second National Communication report to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. It was released by Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim. The main objective of National Communication reports is to provide comprehensive information on the work and commitment of Maldives to address climate change and its adverse effects.

Maldives submitted its First National Communication to the UNFCCC in 2001. The Second National Communication report builds on the measures and policies undertaken during the development of the First National Communication report. The report reveals the fragility of our ecosystems and the extraordinary challenges faced by the country and raises the seriousness of the issues involved in making the Maldives a more resilient and adaptable nation for future generations. The Second National Communication report also provides information on the progress made since then and offers valuable insights into the particular vulnerabilities of the Island nation and describes the efforts made to adapt and overcome the challenges. The report also includes information on the GHG inventory of the country and the mitigation efforts undertaken to minimize the Green House Gases emissions.

The findings of the report provide broader avenues for tangible future strategies and underscore the importance of mainstreaming climate change into Sustainable Development Goals.

The Second National Communication report report is the outcome of a greater national stakeholder collaboration process steered by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the national focal point to the UNFCCC.