40 KW solar PV system and Ice Plant at Kaafu atoll Dhiffushi island handed over to STELCO and Dhiffushi Council

14 Nov 2016

K. Dhiffushi 40 KW Solar PV system handed over to State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) and Ice Plant was handed over to Dhiffushi council today. This project was funded by Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership, Asian Development Bank and Government of Japan. The Solar PV system in K. Dhiffushi will produce 190 units of electricity per day.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Minister of State for Environment and Energy, Mr. Abdul Matheen Mohamed highlighted the support provided by the Japanese Government for the development of Renewable Energy sector and other sectors of Maldives and expressed his sincere gratitude for the support and assistance provided by the people of Japan.

This project, not only will create a momentum for the shift away from full reliance on diesel generation, but also mitigate the shortage of ice demand in the Island.