Maldives Energy Policy & Strategy, Island Electricity Data Books launched

20 Dec 2016

Energy policy and strategy and Island electricity data book was launched by the Minister of Environment and Energy Hon. Thoriq Ibrahim on 20 December 2016. The ceremony held at STELCO was attended by senior officials from relevant government Organization.

“Island Electricity Data 2016” is compilation of electricity data of the Maldives islands. In addition to island electricity data for each inhabited island of the Maldives, the book also shows the growth of solar PV in the Maldives. Previously, the first electricity data book was published by Ministry of Environment and Energy in 2013 with the title “Maldives Energy Outlook for Inhabited islands 2013”.

According to the statistics of Island Electricity Data 2016, 506,334 metric ton of fuel was imported in 2015. The inhabited islands of the Maldives have consumed a total of 551 GWh , and capital Male’ accounts for 56% of the total electricity generated. Moreover growth, achievements and researches done on renewable energy field in the past 10 years is included as well.

“Maldives Energy Policy and Strategy 2016” features the 5 main policies of the energy sector and strategies to achieve them. The policies include; strengthening the institutional capacity and regulatory framework of the energy sector, promoting energy conservation and efficiency, promoting renewable energy technologies, improving the reliability and sustainability of electricity service and to increase national energy security.