Contract signed for design and supervision of rainwater harvesting system in 45 islands

20 Jul 2017

Consultancy services for the Design and Supervision of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in 45 islands have been awarded to Shah Technical Consultants Private Limited today, 20th July 2017. The Consultancy Agreement was signed by Minister Thoriq Ibrahim on behalf of Ministry of Environment and Energy and Director of Shah Technical Consultants Mr. Gautam M Shah.

The Design and Supervision consultancy service work of the 45 islands were handed over to Shah Technical Consultants as 03 packages. The first package comprise of Ha.Utheem, Ha.Mulhadhoo, Ha.Muraidhoo, Ha.Uligamu, Ha.Maarandhoo, Ha.Filladhoo, Hdh.Finey, Hdh.Kurinbi, Hdh.Neykurendhoo, Hdh.Hirimaradhoo, Sh.Feydhoo, Sh.Narudhoo, Sh.Feevah, Sh.Lhaimagu and Sh.Noomara. Second Package includes Sh.Bilehfahi, Sh.Funadhoo, N.Magoodhoo, N.Henbadhoo, N.Lhohi, Aa.Himandhoo, Aa.Bodufulhadhoo, Aa.Mathiveri, Adh.Kunburudhoo, Adh.Dhigurah, M.Raiymandhoo, M.Veyvah, M.Naalafushi, Dh.Bandidhoo and Dh.Meedhoo. And the third package includes Dh.Hulhudheli, Th.Vandhoo, Th.Gaadhiffushi, Th.Omadhoo, Th.Kandoodhoo, Th.Kinbidhoo, Th.Dhiyamigili, Ga.Nilandhoo, Ga.Maamendhoo, Ga.Kodey, Gdh.Nadella, Gdh.Hoadehdhoo, Gdh.Fiyoari, Gdh.Rathafandhoo and Gdh.Faresmaathodaa.

The services to be provided under this assignment include Preparation of Preliminary and Detailed Design and Tender Documents for the Establishment of Rainwater Harvesting System in the designated islands.

The total cost of the Design Consultancy work is MVR. 13,643,166.00 (Thirteen Million Six Hundred and Forty Three Thousand One Hundred and Sixty Six Rufiyaa) and is scheduled to be completed within 06 months of contract signing.

Once the design work is completed the civil works of these 45 islands water project will be awarded to a contractor. The civil work of this project is funded by Green Climate Fund grant.