Five day training on Variable Renewable Energy Technologies commences

01 Oct 2017

A Five-day Training on Variable Renewable Energy Technologies (VRE) has commenced today at Hotel Jen. The opening ceremony of this training was inaugurated by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mr. Ajwad Musthafa. This workshop will be held from 01-05 October 2017. This workshop is held under the capacity building component of the ASPIRE project implemented by MEE with the assistance of World Bank.

The training is targeted to major stakeholders of the electricity sector (MEE, MEA, utilities), various government companies with Renewable Energy related initiatives, engineering related educational institutions and companies active in the area of renewable energy.

The topics covered include the fundamentals of various VRE technologies, power system planning in the context of such technologies along with grid related aspects such as netmetering and interconnection. Further to this, the participants will be introduced to storage technologies and electric vehicles which are complementary to the large scale utilization of VRE energy.

More than 30 trainees are participating in this five-day training.