Inception workshop undertaken for the Development of Energy Efficiency Standards & Labelling Program in the Maldives

07 Feb 2018

Maldives Energy Authority organized and conducted a half-day inception workshop between PricewaterhoseCoopers (PwC), Strengthening Low Carbon Energy Island Strategies – Project Management Unit (LCEI – PMU), Ministry of Environment and Energy (MEE), Maldives Energy Authority (MEA) and key stakeholders to inform the stakeholders about the project activities regarding the energy efficiency standards and labelling program being developed. Ministry of Economic Development (MED), Maldives Customs Service (MCS) and State Trading Organization (STO) represented at the workshop.

The aim of the workshop was to finalize a detail methodology and the work plan of energy efficiency labelling program in the Maldives.

The energy efficiency standards and labelling programme is expected to help consumers identify and compare between energy efficient products available in the market.

This activity is carried out with support from the Ministry of Environment and Energy under the “Strengthening Low Carbon Energy Island Strategies” (LCEI) project.
The LCEI project is funded by the Global Environment Facility and implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Energy with support from UN Environment. The project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency in the building sector. This will be achieved by developing appropriate policies, guidelines and standards and through public education and advocacy and by leveraging substantial investment in activities leading to increased energy efficiency; which will result in improved buildings and building management practices in the Maldives.