Detailed energy audits of selected buildings undertaken

16 Feb 2018

A detailed audit of selected buildings were conducted by project assigned consultant Utilico Private Limited. The selected buildings for the assessment were Velaanaage Office Building, four floors of a residential building of approximately 350 square metres situated in Hulhumale’ under Housing Development Corporation (HDC), a mosque of 800 people capacity and Maldives Meteorological Service office in Seenu Gan.

Based on the findings of the energy audit, the consultant will then design cost effective energy efficiency improvements for Velaanaage Office Building, Hulhumale’ residential building and the Mosque; and develop a monitoring methodology for tracking the energy and GHG reductions.

The final output will have energy efficiency improvement designs which consist of architectural, building materials and building services modifications and/or retrofits, and which are locally applicable.

This activity was carried out with support from the Ministry of Environment and Energy under the “Strengthening Low Carbon Energy Island Strategies” (LCEI) project.
The LCEI project is funded by the Global Environment Facility and implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Energy with support from UN Environment. The project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency in the building sector. This will be achieved by developing appropriate policies, guidelines and standards and through public education and advocacy and by leveraging substantial investment in activities leading to increased energy efficiency; which will result in improved buildings and building management practices in the Maldives.