Maldives Energy Authority Conducted a Workshop on Developing the Framework of an Energy Efficiency Standards & Labeling Programme

01 Aug 2018

Maldives Energy Authority (MEA) conducted a workshop on developing the framework of an Energy Efficiency Standards & Labelling Programme. The workshop held at Champa Central Hotel was inaugurated by the Minister of State for Environment and Energy Abdullahi Majeed. The energy efficiency standards and labelling programme is being developed for selected appliances and a total of 22 participants from importers of refrigerators, automatic washing machines and air conditioners, and other relevant stakeholders participated at the workshop.

So far, MEA has developed the detailed methodology to issue energy efficiency labels for selected appliances along with necessary forms, documentation, and monitoring methodology for the labelling programme.

The Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling programme is expected to help consumers identify energy efficient products in the market. In Maldives, this is in line with the National Energy Policy and Strategy (2016) which encourages energy conservation and energy efficiency.

This activity is carried out by Ministry of Environment and Energy (MEE) under the project “Strengthening Low Carbon Energy Island Strategies (LCEI)”.

The LCEI project is implemented by MEE assisted by UN Environment and financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The project aims to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through energy efficiency in the building sector through implementing appropriate regulations and policies.