Three Eco-Rich Areas set to be Environmentally Protected

25 Dec 2018

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has today decided to declare Keylakunu Island of South Thiladhummathi Atoll, along with its reef and lagoon area, the wetlands and mangroves of Neykurendhoo Island of South Thiladhummathi Atoll, and the wetlands and mangroves of Baarah Island of North Thiladhummathi Atoll as conservation areas.

The President’s decision followed discussions held on a paper presented by the Ministry of Environment, at today’s meeting of the Cabinet. Following the President’s decision, the three sites will be protected under the Environment Protection and Preservation Act of Maldives.

Prior to the Cabinet meeting, a Cabinet working session was held where presentations were delivered on the issue by environment experts. Members were briefed on the unique and rich eco-systems at the sites, and the urgency to conserve the areas.

Protecting at least one island, one reef, and one wetland from each atoll is part of the “First 100 Days’ Goals” of President Solih’s administration.