Learn about Energy Conservation

30 Jun 2022

Our demand for energy is rising every year. We rely heavily on imported oil to meet our energy requirements. A large portion of the imported diesel is used for generating electricity and for transport. The need for energy not only affects energy prices but also increases emissions. Increasing carbon dioxide emissions lead to global warming and contribute to climate change. Let’s do our part to reduce energy usage.

When using the air conditioner


When using the refrigerator


When using the lights

When doing the laundry

When using other appliances


To cool the building

When designing the building


Fun activities to do

Are you looking for fun games and activities to do with your students or family members to learn about climate change and energy efficiency? Check out the activities below.

For more activities check out the Energy Efficiency Badge – Facilitators Guide which was developed in collaboration with the Maldives Guirl Guide Association and the Scout Association of Maldives.
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Check out these videos to learn more about energy efficiency

Our understanding of energy efficiency

A study was conducted in 2017 by the Ministry to understand the extent of public awareness on energy efficiency, opinions on consumer choices, and behavior in energy consumption in selected households. A total of 1894 households participated in this study, representing a mix of housing types and geographical regions. The Questionnaire used in the study was designed to elicit quantifiable information on key research areas of the survey, specifically, Energy efficiency knowledge, Usage patterns, Energy efficiency measures taken in the household, Factors influencing purchase, Barriers to implementing energy efficiency measures, and Readiness to implement energy efficiency measures.

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