Hakathari Program – Energy Efficiency standards and labeling program of the Maldives

26 Sep 2022

The Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology (MECCT) is introducing “Hakathari” – an energy efficiency labeling program for appliances and equipment. The purpose of this program is to promote the use of energy-efficient appliances and equipment.

The Hakathari program provides consumers with a simple and clear indication of the energy-saving potential of electrical appliances, at the point of purchase. This is achieved via the Hakathari label affixed on the appliances that showcase a five-star rating system. A greater number of stars on the label indicate a higher level of energy efficiency and energy savings.

The purpose of the program is;

  • To encourage the purchase of energy-efficient appliances.
  • To help consumers make informed choices and save money on their household electricity bills.
  • To encourage importers and manufacturers to promote energy-efficient technologies and products in the Maldivian market, bringing about a market transformation.
  • To reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and progress towards a sustainable future.

This program is developed under the Strengthening Low Carbon Energy Island Strategies Project.


Project Timeline

16 Sep 2021

What is the Hakathari Label?

16 Sep 2021

Launching an Energy Efficiency Labelling Program by the name of “Hakathari”

The Hakathari Program was inaugurated by Honorable Aminath Shauna, the Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology. The minister stated in her speech that the “Hakathari” labelling program will enable us to save energy and reduce expenditures on energy. Additionally, this program will aid in achieving the climate targets of the Maldives.

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