Ground breaking of Haa Alifu atoll Dhidhdhoo island water system held

26 Aug 2016

The Water supply Facility to be established in Ha. Dhidhdhoo was inaugurated in a ceremony held today at Ha. Dhidhdhoo by Hon. Thoriq Ibrahim, Minister of Environment and Energy. The establishment of this project is carried out by Siera Maldives Private Limited.

The function was also attended by Mr. Abdul Latheef Moahmed, MP of Ha Atoll Dhidhdhoo, Mr. P.W.Thilak Rathnaa, Project Manager, Siera Maldives Private Limited, Mr. Ibrahim Sinaan, Ha. Dhidhdhoo Council President and Mr. Mohamed Rasheed, Ha. Atoll Council President.

The total cost of this project is MVR 52,762,229 and is scheduled to be completed by 30th February 2017. Through this project a Reverse Osmosis Plant, RO storage tanks, Rain water storage tanks and water network including household connections will be established. This project will provide the people of Dhidhdhoo with safe water.