Energy Efficiency Badge: A Success Story of the LCEI Project

14 Nov 2018

The Energy Efficiency Badge is designed to create awareness about adverse impacts of climate change, the benefits of energy efficiency in combating climate change, and the benefits of energy efficiency at the national and individual levels. This was carried out under the project Strengthening Low Carbon Energy Island Strategies (LCEI). The project was funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and executed by the Ministry with implementation support from UN Environment.

MGGA and SAM members at the EE Badge Launching Ceremony

The badge is targeted to be delivered through the activities of the Maldives Girl Guides Association (MGGA) and Scout Association of Maldives (SAM). These two associations are two of the largest NGOs in the Maldives. Their activities are integrated into the public-school system with over 10,000 members in each association. On 15th March 2016, the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on learning and creating awareness on climate change and energy efficiency issues with MGGA and SAM. The MOU formalized the cooperation between the organizations for the development and implementation of the awareness badge focused on climate change and energy efficiency for all age groups of Girl Guides and Scouts of Maldives.

Leaders of MGGA

SAM receiving EE Badge

As part of the development of EE badge and while celebrating the environment day, the Ministry launched an art competition on 05th June 2016. The art competition was targeted for students under the four age categories corresponding with the four membership categories of MGGA and SAM. The best art works from each of the four categories was used to derive the design of the EE badge for the respective age category of guides and scouts. In addition to increasing awareness on climate change and energy efficiency through the art competition, it also allowed the first ever Energy Efficiency Badge in the country to be designed for the members of the association by the members of the association.

The winners of the Energy Efficiency Art Competition 2016 and the designs nominated to derive the designs of the badge was selected by a judging panel comprising of a technical expert from the Ministry and members from United Artists of Maldives. The winners were announced on 27th February 2017 at a special function organized by the Ministry.

Trainings of leaders of MGGA and SAM

A facilitators’ guide was developed for the leaders of MGGA and SAM outlining the criteria and activities which are required to be completed for the attainment of the badge. With immense support and inputs from the leadership and members of MGGA and SAM, Energy Efficiency Badge – facilitator’s guide was completed in mid-2018. A training was conducted for 36 leaders of both associations as a training of trainers to enable the leaders of the associations to carry out further trainings and badge activities among their leaders and members.

Little Maids doing activities of the energy efficiency badgeLittle Maids doing activities of the energy efficiency badge

So far, 266 little maids from across the Maldives have attained energy efficiency badge. The outreach of this activity is estimated to be more than 10,000 members of Girl Guides and Scouts and it would have a ripple effect in passing the knowledge from the Girl Guides and Scouts to the community. The Maldives Girl Guides Association and Scout Association of Maldives comprise of members of a range of age groups from preschoolers to professionals in different parts of Maldives.


A member of Little Maid receiving the energy efficiency badge
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