Energy Efficiency Workshops for Students: A Success Story of the LCEI Project

14 Mar 2022

Multiple workshops for schools were conducted to increase awareness of energy end-users, the public, students and the youths under the project Strengthening Low Carbon Energy Island Strategies (LCEI). The project was funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and executed by the Ministry with implementation support from UN Environment.

The workshops were tailor made for secondary school students, aimed at improving student’s knowledge on energy efficiency, also enabling them to raise awareness among their parents and families. The workshops were targeted towards 13 to 17-year-old students. In 3-year, period from 2016 to 2018 nine workshops was conducted to schools in 9 Atolls. A total of 420 students and 38 teachers participated in the workshops. 59% of the students were female and 42% were male students.

Locations of the workshop


Students of Funadhoo School (Batch 1)
Students of Funadhoo School (Batch 2)
Students of Dhuvaafaru School (Batch 1)
Students of Dhuvaafaru School (Batch 2)
Students of Kendhikulhudhoo School (Batch 1)
Students of Kendhikulhudhoo School (Batch 2)
Students of Thoddoo School (Batch 1)
Students of Thoddoo School (Batch 2)
Students of Hinnavaru School (Batch 1)
Students of Hinnavaru School (Batch 2)
Students of Magoodhoo School (Batch 1)
Students of Magoodhoo School (Batch 2)
Students of Maafushi School (Batch 1)
Students of Maafushi School (Batch 2)
Students of ThimarafushiSchool (Batch 1)
Students of ThimarafushiSchool (Batch 2)
Students of NilandhooSchool (Batch 1)
Students of Nilandhoo School (Batch 2)


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