Technicians’ workshop on Good Servicing Practices for air conditioning sector commences

13 Feb 2017

A Technician Workshop was on Good Servicing Practices for Handling Longer-term, Low GWP Alternatives in Room Air Conditioning Sector, was commenced today at Maldives Polytechnic.
This workshop is organized by Ministry of Environment and Energy and UN Environment in collaboration with China Trust Fund Project. The purpose of this three day workshop is to exchange and share information on the current status of alternatives in the refrigeration Air-conditioning sector and to teach methods of handling, transporting and servicing of these alternatives.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister of State for Environment and Energy, Mr Abdulla Ziyad recognised that the success of all such activities depend on continuous commitment and cooperation from organisations such as UN Environment and China Trust Fund, using the successes of HCFC Phase-out Management as an example.

The workshop with 39 participants is being held at Maldives Polytechnic and will concluded on 15th February. The workshop included presentations on servicing, installing and safe handling of flammable refrigerants and will conclude with theoretical and practical sessions in the upcoming two sessions.