‘Moodhumaakan’du Festival’ held at Alifu atoll Rasdhoo island

08 Apr 2017

‘Moodhumaakan’du Festival’ was held at Alif atoll Rasdhoo island today. This Festival was inaugurated by Minister of State for Environment and Energy, Mr. Abdulla Ziyad. In this Festival a clean-up event was held with the students of Rasdhoo, Maalhos, Mathiveri, Himandhoo, Ukulhas, Thoddoo and Feridhoo school. Also, a quiz regarding Marine Biodiversity was held among Rasdhoo and Himandhoo school students, in this festival.

This Festival was held in association with International Union for Conservation of Maldives (IUCN) under their ‘Re-generate’ project. Two other festivals were held in AA. Mathiveri and AA. Ukulhas in 2014 and 2015. In this Festival, stalls of Health Protection Agency (HPA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) were kept.

In this Festival, 140 students and 40 teachers from 07 islands have participated.