“Fenfahi” campaign activities held in North Alifu atoll Thoddoo island

19 Jul 2017

“Fenfahi” campaign activities was held in AA. Thoddoo from 16-18 July 2017. The activities include awareness sessions for students regarding the sustainable use of water. In this session a total of 25 students have actively participated. This session was facilitated by the experts of the Ministry.

A discussion meeting with island council and utility company was also held to study the changes in water layers. The main objective of this meeting was to get information regarding the use of water supply facilities in the island. In this discussion meeting island council, Women’s committee, utility company and various NGOs have participated. A discussion meeting was held with youths, farmers, businessmen and also parents to be informed about the status of Water supply facilties in the island. In these activities, they also worked on drafting a Water Resource Management Plan.

These activities in the island were carried out by Global Environment Facility (GEF) project and the objective of increasing awareness among the citizen was successfully achieved through these activities.