A clean-up event held to mark ‘International Coastal Clean-up Day’

17 Sep 2017

A clean-up event was held in Hulhumale’ yesterday to mark ‘International Coastal Clean-up Day’. This program was commenced by Minister of State for Environment and Energy, Mr. Abdulla Ziyad. The main objective of the clean-up event was to highlight the importance of keeping the shores, oceans and the surrounding environment clean and to increase awareness on this regard.

In this clean-up event, waste such as plastics and glasses were collected and audited. This program was held in association with Atoll councils, City councils, Island Councils, Schools, Government institutions, NGOs, Independent organizations and the public. The clean-up event was also held in many other islands. Also, information regarding the importance of keeping the environment clean will be given to the public through Social media and Mass media and various awareness programs will be broadcasted/ telecastd from 17-20 September 2017. In this week, various awareness activities will also be held in schools.