Ozone2Climate Technology Expo opens

14 Aug 2017

Ministry of Environment and Energy in collaboration with UN Environment has opened Ozone2Climate Technology Expo on 14th August 2017. The opening was inaugurated by Minister of Environment and Energy Mr Thoriq Ibrahim. Speaking at the ceremony Minister highlighted the importance of low GWP, 0 ODP technologies for the Maldives in refrigeration and air-conditioning as the fisheries sector has the highest levels of refrigerant consumption as fishing is a major industry in the Maldives.

The Ozone2Climate Technology Expo showcased environmentally friendly refrigeration and air conditioning products from different international companies and is held in different countries with the help of UN Environment. In this year’s Ozone2Climate Technology Expo, representatives from India, China, and Singapore have participated.

Ozone2Climate Technology Expo was also held in Maldives back in 2011.