“Solar Resource Overview 2017” book launched

08 Nov 2017

The book containing the information on solar resources, “Solar Resource Overview” was launched today at a ceremony held at the Ministry. This book was launched by Minister of Environment and Energy, Honorable Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim. The information contained in this book was collected from the solar data of “Renewable Energy Resource Mapping” project, funded by World Bank.

The data was taken from the measuring stations established in HDh. Hanimaadhoo, Hulhule’, L. Kahdhoo and Addu City Gan in December 2015. The information in this book is based on the measurements taken in 2016. The data taken from ground measurements from 1999-2016 is included in this book. Also, in 2017 ground measurements were collected from these stations. The information in this book would also be updated based on the measurements of 2016 and 2017 when this year ends.

In this book, the data needed to design solar projects, information on time series of “Global Horizontal Irradiance” and “Direct Normal Irradiance” would be included. This data can be used for the solar projects carried out by individuals as well. The data will be available in the following link:

Also, the Solar Radiation data and Photovoltaic Electricity Output of Maldives will be available in the following link: