Contract signed with HCFC importer for the year 2018

25 Dec 2017

Ministry of Environment and Energy has signed the contract today, with the least cost bidder, Bright Brothers Pvt Ltd. for the import of HCFC for the year 2018. Based on the financial proposal submitted, Bright Brothers will be the only authorized importer of HCFC the year 2018. Permanent Secretary Mr. Ajwad Musthafa signed the contract agreement on behalf of the Ministry of Environment and Energy and Chief Operating Officer Mr. Ahmed Mufeed signed the agreement on Behalf of Bright Brothers Pvt Ltd.

The government under its target to phase-out HCFCs by 2020 has set 22 MT as the quota for the year 2016.

The ‘Ozone Layer Protection Act” published in 06 December 2015 requires users and distributors to have a user/distributor permit issued by the Ministry of Environment and Energy.