Greater Male’ Environmental Improvement and Waste Management Project

16 Aug 2018

The Greater Male’ Environmental Improvement and Waste Management Project is a multi-donor funded project which aims to establish a sustainable solid waste management system for the Greater Male’ capital region and its inhabited outer islands. The main output of the project is to establish a Regional Waste Management Facility (RWMF) with waste-to energy treatment plant in Thilafushi, which will be tendered out and awarded through a Design-Build-Operate contract.
The Greater Male’ Environmental Development and Waste Management Project is divided into two phases.

  • Phase 1 : USD 40 million
    1- Waste collection, transfer and disposal systems improved and made climate and disaster resilient
    2- Community-based outer island waste management systems targeting the poor and women enhanced
    3- Institutional capacity and public awareness in sustainable waste management strengthened


  • Phase 2: USD 127.5 million
    1- New regional waste management facility with WTE treatment plant and engineered landfill for residues
    2- Dumpsite rehabilitation and remediation
    3- Project Management, design and supervision consultant support

Project Team