Waste Management and Pollution Control

  • Updated on 14 Jul 2016

The waste management and pollution control department is in charge of providing safe waste disposal and seeking cost-effective and environmentally-responsible measure to implement waste management and pollution control projects on all inhabited islands in line with the government manifesto. The department is also in charge of drafting national strategies and action plans to implement national policies.

While the government leads the way for designing and implementing in an environmentally-friendly collection, transportation, disposal or recycling and monitoring of waste, community engagement is an integral part of the decision-making process and implementation of the waste management system.

The department comprises of two sections – Policy and Planning and Research and Development – and is specifically tasked to:

  • Design and implement a waste management plan for all sectors and levels – household, island, atoll level, and nationwide – to maximize the system efficiency and to facilitate mobilization of communities and institutions. The department also provide the needed financial and technical assistance;
  • Provide necessary waste management equipment for all inhabited islands, monitor its correct and timely use, and bring necessary changes to improve the waste management system
  • Design and conduct regular public education programs and awareness campaigns at all levels as well as focus on capacity building in the field of waste management and pollution control;
  • Gather regular waste statistics and waste facility inventory, conduct regular training programs for organisations, councils, and communities involved in waste management;
  • Establish regions for waste management, install a regional waste management facility and system for each region, and ensure safe transfer and disposal of waste to those facilities;
  • Keep up to date with waste management research and technology;
  • Ensure waste management is properly conducted in all industrial facilities.

Department Team